Sunday, 26 February 2012

I Need a new Easel..

After painting for the last couple of years on a small desktop easel I have decided to get myself a stand up one, I dont need anything top of the range just something plain and simple. Three have caught my eye and I'm not sure which one to buy, these are the ones Ive been looking at:

Loxely Sterling Studio Easel £85 inc Del

Loxley Essex Studio Easel at £87 inc Del

PROFI EASEL for £65 inc Del


Can anyone recommend any of these? I would be intersted if anyone has got the last one as its not a known name to me and it has mainly got good reviews but theres a couple of average ones too..


  1. Hi Paul, First of all, thank you for visiting and joining in.

    Regarding the easel... one thought I had was that at some point you may want to do Plein Air paintings and it would be very convenient if your easel is portable and can be packed in a small box...but then of course you can get another smaller easel or a pochade box for outside painting....

    All the best in choosing your easel Paul. I look forward to your paintings on Paint And Draw Together if you feel like trying your hand at any of our challenges.


  2. The only thing of value, or not, I have to add is to make sure you can accommodate for larger paintings if you think you might do that. It seems from the photo, that the 3rd one down may not allow for that.

  3. Hi Paul.
    Thank you for being a follower of mine. Now I`m a follower of yours. I agree with both above, Third one down and a Pochade for
    plein air. All the best paul.

  4. Thanks for everybodys comments...