Sunday, 26 February 2012

Project 6: Watercolour Final Design

Final Design Sample 06...

Paper: Gerstaecker No 3 @ 200gsm
Paint: Winsor & Newton Artists
Contour: Waterproof Fine Liner
Resist: Masking Fluid

I started by making a contour drawing with a 0.8 waterproof final liner, the highlights were created by using masking fluid. The background has been made with a mix of Cerulean and Ultramarine, the same mix has been used for the next few samples. If you split the page in half the left hand side of the background was laid with the wet on dry technique and the right had side was done using the wet on wet technique Cling Film was then placed on the background and left to dry before removing. Watercolour was then painting on top, I used 3 colours Lemon Yellow, Vermillion and Sap Green also an orange and a darker colour was mixed from the colours, this paint was applied with a Wet on Dry technique. This one seems to be getting there, a few things I’m still not happy with is the hair and also the harsh lines that are left over from the masking fluid.

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