Sunday, 26 February 2012

Project 6: Watercolour Final Design

Final Design Sample One & Two

Both of these samples aren’t good enough and contain mistakes however I have learnt quite a lot by doing them and now I will try with them again. In Sample One I have used the Rock Salt for the background but I think I have overdone it in places. Sample One I’m not happy with the colour scheme in the background, but I’m happy with the contrast between the background and the figure. On both of the images I have found it hard to go right up to the edges of the figure with the background, I’m finding it hard to distinguish where the contour line is. In Sample two you can see this problem a little bit better as I have tried to fix it after making the texture in the background, on the fixed parts there’s no texture and makes it stand out even further. The texture was made by scrunching up some Clingfilm and laying it on top of the wet paint. Once the paint was dry the Clingfilm was removed leaving the texture behind, it reminds me of either Ice on a window or even marbling with Ink. I like the texture but there doesn’t seem to be enough contrast between background and foreground. If this problem would have happened in Acrylic paint I would have just painted over the background again or put a glaze over it to make it deeper. In watercolour if I  try to fix it because of the texture effect it wouldn’t look right, you can see where I have tried to sort the mistakes out below.

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