Friday, 6 December 2013

Ashton Market Painting Another mention.

Hopefully this will be the last post on the Ashton Market painting I created for an art competition, it feels like I painted it a long time ago time too move on.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tameside Reporter Article: Competition Winner

This weeks insert in the Tameside Reporter for the Ashton Market competition (Me). Its only a small piece I nearly missed it but at least its in there. The painting can be seen either in my photos or at or at the blog The painting is still up at Ashton Market Hall near the sit down café area but will be down soon as I want the thing back… 


Monday, 18 November 2013

Cheap Canvas Printed Wall Art at Wilkinsons

Wilkinson's at the moment have a sale on their canvas printed Wall Art, the sale price are only available at their stores and not online. Don't get them for hanging up on you're wall, save yourself some pennies and gesso them and use them for you're own paintings. You will require around 3 coats of Gesso but please use a decent brand whatever you do don't buy Gesso from The Works, I personal use either Winsor & Newton Galeria or Pebeo. You can either give then a quick sand in between the coats or just on the last coat, you might even decide not to sand them it depends if you want the brush strokes showing and on the texture you want to paint on. I use a foam brush to apply the Gesso I apply very thin layers, always do this outside or in an open area that is well ventilated.

There are different sizes on sale the ones I bought were nearly 24" x 35.25" which cost £3, some square canvases at 19"x19" which where £1 be careful as some are £2 at this size and some smaller ones at 12"x17.75" which where £1 each. The larger and smaller canvases also had a middle support bar, the canvas is attached at the back with staples and not glued on the sides, some of the other frames on sale had the canvas just glued on to the sides. I have only put one coat of Gesso on at the moment and will be putting the other 2 coats on tomorrow however I can tell they will be find. I have done research on painting over printed canvases and as long as you apply Gesso everything seems good. Just thought I'll put this on my blog just in case you would like to take advantage as a blank canvas would cost a lot more especially with a middle support bar. Any comments on putting Gesso onto printed Canvas please share…

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ashton Market Again...

Couple more images from the Ashton Market art competition presentation at the weekend, hopefully it should be in the local paper soon...



Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ashton Market Painting First Prize

I have won first prize for the Ashton Market Art Competition I entered a few months back. The presentation of a small cash prize, certificate, rosette will be presented by the Deputy Mayor at Ashton Under Lyne Indoor Market Hall near the seating area this Saturday around 9:30am. Anyone passing or down there I could do with some support, if you got nothing better to do pop in. The local press will be down there so hopefully there should be a mention in the local rag shorty, as I’m not local if anyone could send me a copy I would be grateful, Ta.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sorry for Lack of Posts…

I seem to be really busy recently and haven't got enough time to get everything done, however I can spend up to 2 hours a night sometimes watching the soaps on TV. I've got two art courses going but I'm finding it difficult keeping up with both of them, might have to drop one I'll see how it goes. One course is just a basic foundation course which I've been doing for around 6 weeks and still haven't moved from using a pencil or charcoal but I love my paintbrush. On the other course we are now doing a portrait project which up to now I've only just done the research (need to get something done this weekend). Recently I've been to a couple of exhibitions with college which I enjoyed but on both occasions photography wasn't  allowed. The first one was at Tate Liverpool Marc Chagall's Modern Master which is the one I preferred and could relate my work to more then Kyffin Williams VENEZIA Drawn to the Light at Oriel Ynys Môn. After saying that there was a couple of works by Claude Monet, Walter Sicket and one by Frank Brangwyn that I loved. A few of the images including the ones I've just mentioned can be seen here

Below I've uploaded some drawings, none of them are brilliant but it shows what I've been doing at college for the last few weeks (Measuring and Perspective). The rest of my work I've not uploaded as its just basic work and not worth the effect of uploading next on the agenda is value, whoopee…  


Friday, 13 September 2013

Started New College Course

Well after taking a year out I have decided to return to college, whether this is a good idea I don't know yet. I've started a part time foundation course in Art and Design which means I'm in college two days a week. I've also enrolled for the same course I did last time which is only run for 6 hours, so with the two courses I will be in college three days a week which is more than I'm use too. As well as these I have the other paintings to complete which I'm already finding it hard to find time to finish. I don't start the other course until a couple of weeks so I'm trying to get things finished and out of the way before I get stuck in. This means that I will be uploading work more regularly than I have been so that has to be a good thing. Below are a few pieces of work that I'm trying to get finish, these are smaller than I normally do and also on canvas and painted with Oils. Some are more finished then then others but all have snow to add.


Monday, 5 August 2013

William Ralph Turner passed away...

Northern Artist William Ralph Turner passed away a couple of weeks ago, those that don't know his work there's a few images on the below link. Sadly missed…

Images and article  (Cheshire Today)

Ashton Market Painting in local free rag...

The Ashton Market painting I did a few weeks ago had a small mention in the local free magazine "About Tameside". These can be picked up from Ashton and Hyde market or half a dozen places in Tameside (see their website for more information). The online version can now be viewed at here (PDF)

Monday, 22 July 2013

Latest Painting now up..

The painting I did for an Art competition is now up and can be viewed at Ashton Market Hall, Ashton Under Lyne, Tameside. Its not a good photograph but its the only one I've had sent to me at the moment. Mines the one in the centre, see the previous posts…


Another image can be seen here

I have a new website its still a bit outdated but I'm useless at building websites, its been a long time since I built one from scratch so much has changed, what happened to frames and tables…

You can see the website at

Saturday, 13 July 2013

UK P&P Prices Online Art Shops...

Awhile ago I mentioned that I use Artifolk when I required just a couple of items due to the fact that if you spent over £10 P&P was free.. However just to inform you that to get the free delivery you now have to spend £20 :(. Also GreatArt has lowered there free delivery to £25 from £40 so I've placed an order with GreatArt as they have a wider range of materials to choose from. Sometimes though you just require a couple of things and the P&P costs more then the items, that's when I miss the local art shops.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Ashton Market Finished.

I finally finished the painting of Ashton Market, the painting was done for an art competition so I had to rush it a bit and it isn't as polished as I would like but it will do. This is the first time I've entered a competition, pretty sure I wont get anywhere but I had fun doing it and I painted in a much looser style than I normally would. The painting only took a week and half to complete from start to finish which I usually take a lot longer to do a painting (might have something to do with a the hand in date). I really enjoyed doing this painting, well most of the time this is the first time I have painting on a canvas I normally use canvas board/panel but I wanted something larger than A1. The canvas is 40 x 32 inches and I had a few problems as my room is only small but I managed it in the end  If anyone is in the area (Manchester-ish / Tameside) they can see the painting in the Ashton Market Hall in the seating area from next week. Please leave some feedback/comments as most of the time I think I'm writing this blog just for myself :) For a larger image you can go here.  


Friday, 21 June 2013

Study for Ashton Market

I've gone as far as I can with the drawing as I'm running out of time, I would say the drawing still needs work but I need to get it on to the canvas and Ill sort it out there. The drawing is now 40x32 inches slightly bigger than the A4 watercolour study of the previous post. This is the largest painting I've done so far I normally I use canvas panels no bigger than A1 in size. The canvas I bought is a cheap one from The Works but I wouldn't recommend them I'll have to Gesso it to be on the safe side, remove the dints and fill in the dints I cant remove. I suppose you get what you pay for but at least I won't have to buy an expensive frame now.


Friday, 14 June 2013

Study for Ashton Market

There's a art competition for Ashton Market which is in Lancs, I have been to Ashton Market around a million times in my lifetime as I used to live only a few miles from there and spent a lot of my youth in Ashton. Though I now live in North Wales I decided to go down and get some photos, the competition deadline is at the end of the month so I've still got a couple of weeks to produce something. The watercolour study below might be the one, just a few tweaks more detail, enlarged and done on Acrylics. I would have liked to do it in oil paints but there's no time for it to dry, any comments, suggestions welcome.


For a Larger image go to here

Friday, 26 April 2013

Anyone that don't know Great Art have lowered there free delivery prices for the next few days. If you spend £19.95 you get free delivery, its normally £40 and if you spend any less the Delivery prices and really pricey...  If you only want one or two items try Artifolk where you get Free Delivery if you spend over £10 and this is their normal P&P its not an offer…

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Just a quick recommendation, I've recently joined an Artist website where you can upload you're work and receive comments from other members. Also they have an online text chat where you can chat to other members that are online plus there are helpful videos, blogs and a few other things that are worth a look and its FREE.. The place is you can see my page at have a look you have nothing to lose.

If you look at the Gallery Tab which has been updated all of the links to the large images are also on the above site, you can upload a file up to 10mb but they don't like any digital art work

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Project 9: Stockport in the Snow (Townscape)

This is a new painting is wasn't done for college just for my own pleasure, as it was snowing at the time and it ended up a snow scene. It is a fantasy painting of Stockport compromising of different strong elements of Stockport it is set in mid 60s at 6:05am. The clock time is when my mum past away and has appeared in a few of my paintings always the same time.


Other Artist I looked at before staring the project, these are just a few of the artists other artists I've already researched in previous projects (Alan Knight, Alan Lowes, Adolphe Valette, Liam Spencer, Steven Scholes etc).

James Downie
John Ormsby
Mal Burton
Harry Kingsley
William Ralph Turner (This is a PDF)


Final Piece:

I had a look at Northern artists some that I've mentioned above that have painting townscape of Stockport and Manchester areas. I also researched into postcards, videos, photographs of the area and looked into shops, adverts, vehicles, street scenes from the 60s and researched half a dozen books about Stockport. Once researched I got some ideas rolling:

Next Step : Coming Up with a idea:

Fished Final Piece:

After about 3 weeks work of I managed to complete the painting to a reasonable standard. I would have liked to put snowflakes all over the image but I didn't have the bottle to do this, maybe I will do a smaller copy and try it with that one. Hope you like the painting any comments good or bad are most welcome, some comments already.

A larger version of the painting can be viewed here

Project 4 Fished Peice Townscape or Building Study

I've eventually went back and completed the painting that I started in 2011, this was a college project "Townscape or Building Study" It is an Acrylic painting done on Canvas Board and the size is A1. The Building is the Crown Inn which is a pub in Stockport I chose this is as I love the Stockport Viaduct which seems to be appearing in a few of my paintings, the viaduct has been painting by quite a few artists including in Lowey's work.


Crown Inn, Stockport. Acrylic on Canvas Board, A1.

You can also view a version here. Comments and critics most welcome

Back after a Break…

A lot has happened in my life since I last posted over a year ago. I lost my mum and Granddad a year ago and I decided not to carry on with College work and gave the course up, I just wasn't in a good place. Anyway a year later and life still goes on, I've updated a few pieces of work and created a few new pieces these will be up loaded soon. I think I'm going to enrol at college again to begin in September all work apart from one has been completed to a standard I'm happy with and hopefully its enough to get me back into college. Will updated blog very soon…