Friday, 13 September 2013

Started New College Course

Well after taking a year out I have decided to return to college, whether this is a good idea I don't know yet. I've started a part time foundation course in Art and Design which means I'm in college two days a week. I've also enrolled for the same course I did last time which is only run for 6 hours, so with the two courses I will be in college three days a week which is more than I'm use too. As well as these I have the other paintings to complete which I'm already finding it hard to find time to finish. I don't start the other course until a couple of weeks so I'm trying to get things finished and out of the way before I get stuck in. This means that I will be uploading work more regularly than I have been so that has to be a good thing. Below are a few pieces of work that I'm trying to get finish, these are smaller than I normally do and also on canvas and painted with Oils. Some are more finished then then others but all have snow to add.