Sunday, 13 November 2011

Project 5: Explosion of Colour

Final Design Part Three and Evaluation:


Overall I’m reasonably pleased with the final design I have produced. I would say it’s not my particular style of painting but I wanted to try something different. Looking at The Fauves and especially Andre Derain I have learnt a lot about harmonising unrealistic vivid colours and about using the emotion that you feel for the colour rather than the realistic colours. In fact even now whist looking at the finish painting I’m still finding bits that I would like to change before varnishing the picture.

I’ve enjoyed using brushstrokes that I wouldn’t normally consider applying. Derain’s emulation of the sun rays is something I would associate with a child’s drawing and not one from a skilled artist. I can understand why The Fauves were ridiculed and not understood, todays saying a child could do better springs to mind. However until you have actually tried these principles you don’t comprehend how hard it is to emulate especially to make the whole painting work. It might look simple and to be honest I thought it would be easy to reproduce the style but the first painting I created I suddenly realised there’s more to this than meets the eye. 

If I did the project again I would like to do it in a larger format I found it hard doing it on a smaller scale, the brushstrokes seem too thick for the size of the painting. Derain or any of The Fauves wouldn’t have put as much detail into the painting as I have done however I found it challenging leaving details out. With the castle they would have seen it as one shape and just blocked the item in, I have been too fussy and decided I would like a flag and the windows must be in the precise location.

I’m glad I took on the project I did and narrowed the research down into looking into The Fauves for the inspiration of the Explosion of Colour. At the end of the day it didn’t matter to me on the subject matter it was all about the colour. However I’m glad I took the opportunity to climb the walls of Conwy Castle in gail force winds, even though my legs start shaking at the mere thought of it. I believe I have fulfilled this unit to a high standard but due to time running out I haven’t taken sampling mediums and materials as far as I would like too. Hopefully I will be able to continue with this project within the next brief which is all about sampling materials.

Project 5: Explosion of Colour

Final Design Part Two:

Now I’ve added a darker colour on the sea I feel it’s going in the right direction, it has also brought out the reflection of the sun in the sea. I’m not far off finishing, depends how fussy I get with all the details. The sand has had another coat of Yellow Ochre, I have tried dabbing the paintbrush rather than using small brushstrokes just to try and make it slightly different to the strokes in the sea.

I’ve tried my best with the flag, its only half inch wide and it looks reasonable from a distance. I decided to add the flag so the viewer has a bit of a clue where the painting has been done. I find it hard to control the paintbrush with the texture on the canvas, it seems to go nowhere I want it. I suppose I could smooth that bit out by adding a mix of white paint and structure gel then smooth that part out to remove the texture, this will give it a smooth surface for the flag.

I’m beginning to think I should have done the drawing with a pencil rather than going straight at it with a paintbrush. After looking at the photograph there’s a few bits in this particular area that needs refining I won’t be happy with it until its put right.

I decided to keep the phone box the original red; it just didn’t feel right changing the colour of it. Its coming together now but there’s still a few details that are shouting at me that need refining. However I still think it’s come a long way since starting the picture this morning. I’m sure it will look ok from a very far distance, it’s not meant to be viewed at close range.  

Hopefully this will be the last image I take until it’s finished; I need to get to a point where I can put the paintbrush down. I keep walking away for a bit than when I get back I see the painting differently and something else needs altering.  I’ve also bought a tin of spray picture varnish by Pebeo, I have never used the stuff before but I will be trying out on this canvas panel.

Project 5: Explosion of Colour

Final Design Part One:

Due to the limitations of the colours I have in other mediums I have decided to do the final piece in Acrylic paint. I wanted to keep to just using pure colour without mixing which was the way The Fauves worked. I have chosen an image from the photographs I took whilst on location and I will be using this to produce the final piece. I I’m going to move the viewpoint slightly to get a better composition.

The photograph above is the image Iwill be using for the final piece, I will be changing the viewpoint slightly to give me a better composition.

Above is the preliminary sketch of the photograph which was done in pencil. Once I had the sketch I painting the image onto a canvas panel. I didn’t transfer it using a grid or Graphite transfer paper in fact I didn’t even draw it. I decided to thin some acrylic paint down with retarder and just paint it which isn’t the way I usually work but it was the way The Fauves worked with adding medium to their oil paints.

It didn’t go perfectly but I should be able to work with it. Maybe I should have thinned the paint out even more, it seems very dark for a under painting. I could also apply a very thin layer of white Gesso on top of the drawing to make the drawing fade a bit. I’m not quite sure where I’m going to start with the painting I think I will work on the sky and background first and work my way forward.

The sky was done in one of style of Andre Derain; he had two methods of producing a sky when he was going through his Fauve period. The first involves short board brush strokes going around the sun emulating the sun rays which is the style I selected for this painting. I have removed a couple of the boats in the foreground you can still see the ghost images of the boats. I wanted to see more of the sand area and the boats were just in the way so I removed them.

I was working from background to foreground that required the hills and the bridge to be done next. I wanted to do the hills quite thick to leave brushstrokes going in the direction of the sloping hills. The colours I have chosen for the hills have been matched as best as I could from a couple of Derain’s paintings which had mountains in the background.

I’m not quite sure about the orange pavement it seems too vivid, I’ll see how I feel about it once I’ve added some more surrounding colours. The boats in the foreground still don’t feel correct; I’ll put a bit of gesso on top and redo them on tracing paper until I’m happy with the form I will then transfer them back over to the canvas panel.

All the boats have now been redrawn, at the moment I’m feeling happier about them. The sand has been added but I’m a bit worried it will look too much like the sea. I might just do the sand in a couple of flat colours instead of using the broken brushstrokes method; I’ll know more once the sea has been added to the picture. The orange pavement has been made less vivid by adding Gesso to the mix, it feels better and harmonises with the other colours.

Project 5: Explosion of Colour

 Quick Sketches of Boats:

Project 5: Explosion of Colour

I started to research Colour Theory, The Fauves used Complementary colours here are a couple of pages taken from one of the folders.

Andre Derain from The Fauves movement really inspires me so I looked into the colours that he used. I have matched them up as good as I could to the Acrylic paints that I had in. I don't have that made oil paints or else I would have used the. The Fauves used pure colours straight out of the tube without mixing them and I wanted to do he same.

Project 5: Explosion of Colour

This is a black and white conversion of the last painting I did with the Inktense Blocks, I really like this image without Hue. I need to have a look again at the colours that I am using as it doesn't seem to be working...

Project 5: Explosion of Colour

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Out of the photographs I took when I was at Conwy Castle the one below was the first one tha I really liked and wanted to have a look at.


This is a quick sketch of the above photographs; I have changed a few things and will probably change a few more once I start using medium. I have not tried to be as accurate as possibly I just want to get an overall feeling.

The sketch only took 5 minutes to do and it will do for what I want. There are houses in the background I decided to bring them forward so you actually see them.

Next I tried Carres Conte Crayons; don’t know why they called them crayons there just a harder version of the soft pastels.

I’ve tried using watercolour, I’ve used it very strong to try and get saturated colours rather than the wishy washy feeling you normally associate with watercolours. I have also removed the two rowing boats from the beach as I felt it wasn’t adding anything to the overall composition. I’m surprised how vivid the colours can get but the medium isn’t for me. I’ve also added a Welsh flag on to one of the boats so the viewers have an idea where it is.

 This was created using Derwents Inktense Blocks with a bit of white Gouache thrown in for good measure.

Project 5: Explosion of Colour

The new project is simply called Research for Design and as the title suggests its more about the research side of things rather than practical. You first had to select a theme as a source of inspiration which I went with Explosion of Colour, I investigated loads of appropriate designers which included the below:

Peter Graham
Paul Signic
Helenka Wierzbicki
Char J Michelson
Franz Marc
Wassily Kandinsky

The Fauves:
André Derain
Georges Braque
Henri Matisse
Maurice De Vlaminck
Max Prechstein
Erich Heckel
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

The project was then narrowed down to an in depth focus, a lot of The Fauves did a lot of paintings of boats, canals, harbours so I went in that direction. I live on the coast and decide to take photographs and sketches of Rhos on Sea, Llandudno, Rhyl (Blue Bridge area) and the quay near Conwy Castle & Deganwy area.

* For some reason I haven't bothered scanning in the sketches I did, these will be added at a later date once I have got the project back. All the sketches were done in between 5 and 10 minutes.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Start the New Course...

I've done no painting or drawing for the last 2 months since I last finished the last course I did, which I ending up getting a destination for every project which shows on the certificate :) The next course starts on the 23rd which is a week today; again the course is a full year. I’m looking forward to starting again I did have plans to practice over the summer break but life got in the way and now I have a week to cram it all in…

I’ve ordered a few new bits to play with Derwent’s Inktense blocks and pencils interested me as I’ve seen a few demonstrations on You Tube. The colours look so vivid compared to the wishy washy look of watercolours. I’ll try them out when they get here and post a few samples on here that’s if the scanner is still working not used it since the end of last course. You might be wondering what happened to the finished painting for the last project: The Crown pub in Stockport, Well I never got round to finishing it, but as soon as I do you will be the first to know.. 

Inktense blocks leaflet
Inktense Blocks Brochure
Intense Pencils Brochure

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Project 4: Building Study, Crown Inn, Stockport

I have used Acrylics on Cartridge paper for the below image. I think I will use Acrylics for the final piece using a large Canvas panel for the support. I like the Viaduct in the composition it shows how huge these things really are, I also love the red brick colour which I will bring out even further in the final piece.  

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Project 4: Building Study, Crown Inn, Stockport

Both images are of the same image the top one has been done with one colour of drawing ink watered down to make lighter shades. The bottom image has been created with watercolour paint with a fineliner.

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Project 4: Building Study, Crown Inn, Stockport

The two sketches below are of The Crown Inn which is a pub in Stockport. This is the building I will be using for my Final Piece; the images show both sides of the building. The top one is a quick sketch I did on location and the bottom has been taken for a photo reference which I took whilst I was down Stockport. 

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Project 4: Building Study

The below image is of The Print Works in Manchester which is across the road from the Urbis. For the support I used an A2 Oil Pastel Pad which has a lot of texture. In the end I left it as you see it I might go back to it one day and add some colour.

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Project 4: Building Study

The below images are of Manchester the top one is of Barton Arcades and the one below is looking at the Manchester Wheel. I have used Conte Crayons for the medium; on the bottom one I have also used a few shades of green pastels for the leaves of the tree because I only have four colours in the Conte Crayons. This is the first time that I have used Conte Crayons so I only bought a small box which cost a couple of quid, they’re similar to pastels but are not as chalky and stay on the page easier. For the Manchester Wheel drawing I have used a coloured pastel paper which I have left untouched for the sky.

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Project 4: Building Study

Sorry it's been awhile since I uploaded anything, I haven't given up just had lots to do. I'm actually uploading the final project after it has been completed. The course has now finished and I'm on a break from college, hopefully next year I will go back to do Level 3 which is another year's course but nothing has been finalised yet.

As I have chosen Townscape or Building study for my final project I decided to go down to Manchester and Stockport and take some photographs. I had no idea what I wanted to do I took a sketch book with me and a camera and off I went. The below is a very quick sketch done with pastels on cartridge paper, the image is looking at the Food Court in Manchester.

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Monday, 23 May 2011

Project 3: Final Peice...

Below is the Final peice of the Full Figure Project, I have included my evaluation of the final peice.

Overall I am delighted with my final design of the Full Figure Project though I must say I don’t class it as completed yet. I would say it is 95% complete this is why I have not put my signature on the painting. Unfortunately I have run out of time for this project and I’m way behind with the next project already so I have to hand it in as it stands. It takes me a lot longer time for me to complete something as I’m very fussy and it’s got to be just right or at least very close. I was also the same with the Graphic Design courses I have taken in the past and if something stands out that’s not right then I won’t be happy until it’s sorted. I’ve worked hard on the final piece which I know you can tell by looking through the Production Folders and I would say it’s the best one out of all the work I’ve done in the Full Figure Project. A few things that I would like to change or look at a later date is the females hand, I’m really not happy with the outcome, I’m going to be filling that in and starting again like I did with her body. I also would like to look at the female’s ear again; I got the males ears so bloody good that I feel the female’s ear just doesn’t cut the musted. I know people say you learn by doing so that’s what I must do by learning by the mistakes I have done and get it right next time. At least with Acrylic paint I can paint over it again and no one will be any wiser apart from me unlike watercolour paints.

If I did the project again I would like to do it in a larger format I found it hard doing it on a smaller size but that was my decision which was based on the cheapest most local frame I could get my hands on. I would also like to try to do the image again but with oils, I don’t mind Acrylic paint but I did come across a few problems. The main one was the paint dried out too quickly, I tried adding retarder and I also bought a stay-wet palette. Now there’s good things and ban things about this palette which I don’t want to go on about it’s not a review of the product. The stay-wet palette did work in a fashion but the paper on top kept drying out and the paper curled all the time it was a nightmare. At the end of the day I enjoyed the whole Life Drawing Project and I’m glad I took the project I did. I do think I have improved a real lot within the last few weeks I was looking back at the first few weeks of Life Drawing Classes and what a difference there is.

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Project 3: 5 Preliminary Studies with B/G (Study 5)

Sorry its been awhile since I uploaded anything, I haven't given up just have lots to do. The fifth and final Figure drawing with background I have chosen to use coloured pencils, all I have to do now is the final peice and then I can move on to the last project.

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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Project 3: 5 Preliminary Studies with B/G (Study 4)

This is a new peice done in soft Pastels and Pastel Pencils on Cartridge paper, I have taken the image with a camera and not scanned it in as one its A2 and secondly the fixate hasn't fixed all the pastels... So the quality of the image isn't as good as it would have been if I scanned it in. Why it hasnt I don't know but if I add more fixative the pastels especially the white seems to vanish.

I thought I would have a go with Pastels; I had a lot of problems getting the fixative to work. Don’t know if it’s the brand of pastels I have used or the paper, I’ll try the proper pastel paper next time rather than using cartridge paper. I’m really happy with the image; I love the colours I’ve used on the figure I thought I would intensify the purples and greens in the shadows areas. If I have to change something I would look at the background as it went a lot darker once the fixative was. Maybe adding a cast shadow from a window blind on the back wall would help I feel its needs something there. I would also rework the towel and add fewer folds and maybe change the colour to a sea green.

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Project 3: 5 Preliminary Studies with B/G (Study 3)

Designer Gouache with an ink pen was used as the medium to produce this piece. To be truthful I’m not sure what I feel about this picture, it’s not something to rave about but at the end of the day I’m running out of time with this project and need to move on. It’s a full figure image with a background which is required to complete the project: however I would like to remove the ink from the contours as I don’t think it adds anything at all to the overall image. The image was taken from a camera so the quality isn't as good as a scan; I was too lazy to scan it in.

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Project 3: 5 Preliminary Studies with B/G (Study 1 & 2)

I am now required to do a minimum of 5 preliminary studies with the figure needs to relate to the background and surrounding space, then the final peice… Some of these you have seen before and have been changed, added a background etc, some of them are new.

Study One: This now has colour, it was a black and white pencil drawing as I didn't have the time to add watercolour to the image, also a background has been added.

Study Two: Has not been changed at all this was done with Charcoal in my last Life Drawing Class.

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Project 3: Drawing & Painting Full Lenth Figure (W8)

I took the Charcoal Powder into the Life Drawing Class, this is my last Life Drawing class so no more Thursdays at college anymore :( I wanted to use Charcoal as it was the medium I choose to use in my first Life Drawing class which can be found here After looking at the drawing below and comparing it with the first drawing I think there has been a few minor improvements, well thats what I think…

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Project 3: Full Lenth Figure (W7 @ Home)

Sorry I've not posted anything for a couple of weeks, we have had a few Bank holidays in the UK this month and this means no college on Fridays due to Good Friday and the so called Royal Wedding which I can say I was lucky enough not to see any of it !!! I will try and update a few things very soon, the finish Full Length project is due in less than a week and I’m nowhere near finishing also I’m supposed to have started the next project as well...

Below are a couple of Charcoal drawings I did the model were from the Virtual Pose 3 Cds. I first did an under drawing using charcoal powder mixed with water and applied it onto cartridge paper. Then I used a putty eraser to remove some on the marks and added another coat to make the shadow areas darker. They both turned out ok so I might try this in the Life Drawing Class at the end of the week...

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Project 3: Drawing & Painting Full Lenth Figure (W7)

After doing watercolour all week at home I decided to use them in the Life Drawing Class, the first one is a watercolour painting with a 0.8 tip drawing Pen, this was done on hot press paper. The seconded image I used a marker instead of the drawing pen and choose different colours then then general skin colour, I did do an underdrawing first with a pencil. The second one was taken with a camera and not scanne din.

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Project 3: Full Lenth Figure (W6 @ Home)

As I didn't get chance to finish off the watercolour in the Life Drawing class I decided to practice at home with the watercolour paint and pencils as it isn't my favourite medium. I managed to get a tutorial dvd called Paining Figures in Watercolour by Ruth Block I would recommend getting a copy if you can it is available if you know where to look. Below are a few examples which I have produced this week:

The below are in one colour they are basically silhouettes but I've added a second coat for the shadow parts. These only took a couple of minutes to do I spent more time waiting for the paint to dry.

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The below I've left some white spaces around the figure and also use 2 colours one for the clothes and one for sking. By leaving white spaces where two colours meet the colours wont wont run together. This is the first drawing Ive done with some clothes on the model, I might try a few more.

I then moved on to the watercolour pencils the first drawing I used the watercolour pencil first then added water on top then reaplied some pencil.

I made stronger mies on the watercolour paints by using less water I wanted the colours to be stronger, I also used ink applied with a brush for the contours. I need to use a smaller brush or work on the brush strokes as its all over the place. I might try this again but use ink instead of watercolour paint.

I have used a Drawing Pen aith the waterpaints, for a change the model is also wearing some garments. With a bit of practice I think I will be able to produce something reasonable from using this technique.