Sunday, 13 November 2011

Project 5: Explosion of Colour

Final Design Part Three and Evaluation:


Overall I’m reasonably pleased with the final design I have produced. I would say it’s not my particular style of painting but I wanted to try something different. Looking at The Fauves and especially Andre Derain I have learnt a lot about harmonising unrealistic vivid colours and about using the emotion that you feel for the colour rather than the realistic colours. In fact even now whist looking at the finish painting I’m still finding bits that I would like to change before varnishing the picture.

I’ve enjoyed using brushstrokes that I wouldn’t normally consider applying. Derain’s emulation of the sun rays is something I would associate with a child’s drawing and not one from a skilled artist. I can understand why The Fauves were ridiculed and not understood, todays saying a child could do better springs to mind. However until you have actually tried these principles you don’t comprehend how hard it is to emulate especially to make the whole painting work. It might look simple and to be honest I thought it would be easy to reproduce the style but the first painting I created I suddenly realised there’s more to this than meets the eye. 

If I did the project again I would like to do it in a larger format I found it hard doing it on a smaller scale, the brushstrokes seem too thick for the size of the painting. Derain or any of The Fauves wouldn’t have put as much detail into the painting as I have done however I found it challenging leaving details out. With the castle they would have seen it as one shape and just blocked the item in, I have been too fussy and decided I would like a flag and the windows must be in the precise location.

I’m glad I took on the project I did and narrowed the research down into looking into The Fauves for the inspiration of the Explosion of Colour. At the end of the day it didn’t matter to me on the subject matter it was all about the colour. However I’m glad I took the opportunity to climb the walls of Conwy Castle in gail force winds, even though my legs start shaking at the mere thought of it. I believe I have fulfilled this unit to a high standard but due to time running out I haven’t taken sampling mediums and materials as far as I would like too. Hopefully I will be able to continue with this project within the next brief which is all about sampling materials.

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