Sunday, 13 November 2011

Project 5: Explosion of Colour

The new project is simply called Research for Design and as the title suggests its more about the research side of things rather than practical. You first had to select a theme as a source of inspiration which I went with Explosion of Colour, I investigated loads of appropriate designers which included the below:

Peter Graham
Paul Signic
Helenka Wierzbicki
Char J Michelson
Franz Marc
Wassily Kandinsky

The Fauves:
André Derain
Georges Braque
Henri Matisse
Maurice De Vlaminck
Max Prechstein
Erich Heckel
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

The project was then narrowed down to an in depth focus, a lot of The Fauves did a lot of paintings of boats, canals, harbours so I went in that direction. I live on the coast and decide to take photographs and sketches of Rhos on Sea, Llandudno, Rhyl (Blue Bridge area) and the quay near Conwy Castle & Deganwy area.

* For some reason I haven't bothered scanning in the sketches I did, these will be added at a later date once I have got the project back. All the sketches were done in between 5 and 10 minutes.

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