Sunday, 13 November 2011

Project 5: Explosion of Colour

Final Design Part One:

Due to the limitations of the colours I have in other mediums I have decided to do the final piece in Acrylic paint. I wanted to keep to just using pure colour without mixing which was the way The Fauves worked. I have chosen an image from the photographs I took whilst on location and I will be using this to produce the final piece. I I’m going to move the viewpoint slightly to get a better composition.

The photograph above is the image Iwill be using for the final piece, I will be changing the viewpoint slightly to give me a better composition.

Above is the preliminary sketch of the photograph which was done in pencil. Once I had the sketch I painting the image onto a canvas panel. I didn’t transfer it using a grid or Graphite transfer paper in fact I didn’t even draw it. I decided to thin some acrylic paint down with retarder and just paint it which isn’t the way I usually work but it was the way The Fauves worked with adding medium to their oil paints.

It didn’t go perfectly but I should be able to work with it. Maybe I should have thinned the paint out even more, it seems very dark for a under painting. I could also apply a very thin layer of white Gesso on top of the drawing to make the drawing fade a bit. I’m not quite sure where I’m going to start with the painting I think I will work on the sky and background first and work my way forward.

The sky was done in one of style of Andre Derain; he had two methods of producing a sky when he was going through his Fauve period. The first involves short board brush strokes going around the sun emulating the sun rays which is the style I selected for this painting. I have removed a couple of the boats in the foreground you can still see the ghost images of the boats. I wanted to see more of the sand area and the boats were just in the way so I removed them.

I was working from background to foreground that required the hills and the bridge to be done next. I wanted to do the hills quite thick to leave brushstrokes going in the direction of the sloping hills. The colours I have chosen for the hills have been matched as best as I could from a couple of Derain’s paintings which had mountains in the background.

I’m not quite sure about the orange pavement it seems too vivid, I’ll see how I feel about it once I’ve added some more surrounding colours. The boats in the foreground still don’t feel correct; I’ll put a bit of gesso on top and redo them on tracing paper until I’m happy with the form I will then transfer them back over to the canvas panel.

All the boats have now been redrawn, at the moment I’m feeling happier about them. The sand has been added but I’m a bit worried it will look too much like the sea. I might just do the sand in a couple of flat colours instead of using the broken brushstrokes method; I’ll know more once the sea has been added to the picture. The orange pavement has been made less vivid by adding Gesso to the mix, it feels better and harmonises with the other colours.

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