Sunday, 13 November 2011

Project 5: Explosion of Colour

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Out of the photographs I took when I was at Conwy Castle the one below was the first one tha I really liked and wanted to have a look at.


This is a quick sketch of the above photographs; I have changed a few things and will probably change a few more once I start using medium. I have not tried to be as accurate as possibly I just want to get an overall feeling.

The sketch only took 5 minutes to do and it will do for what I want. There are houses in the background I decided to bring them forward so you actually see them.

Next I tried Carres Conte Crayons; don’t know why they called them crayons there just a harder version of the soft pastels.

I’ve tried using watercolour, I’ve used it very strong to try and get saturated colours rather than the wishy washy feeling you normally associate with watercolours. I have also removed the two rowing boats from the beach as I felt it wasn’t adding anything to the overall composition. I’m surprised how vivid the colours can get but the medium isn’t for me. I’ve also added a Welsh flag on to one of the boats so the viewers have an idea where it is.

 This was created using Derwents Inktense Blocks with a bit of white Gouache thrown in for good measure.

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