Monday, 23 May 2011

Project 3: Final Peice...

Below is the Final peice of the Full Figure Project, I have included my evaluation of the final peice.

Overall I am delighted with my final design of the Full Figure Project though I must say I don’t class it as completed yet. I would say it is 95% complete this is why I have not put my signature on the painting. Unfortunately I have run out of time for this project and I’m way behind with the next project already so I have to hand it in as it stands. It takes me a lot longer time for me to complete something as I’m very fussy and it’s got to be just right or at least very close. I was also the same with the Graphic Design courses I have taken in the past and if something stands out that’s not right then I won’t be happy until it’s sorted. I’ve worked hard on the final piece which I know you can tell by looking through the Production Folders and I would say it’s the best one out of all the work I’ve done in the Full Figure Project. A few things that I would like to change or look at a later date is the females hand, I’m really not happy with the outcome, I’m going to be filling that in and starting again like I did with her body. I also would like to look at the female’s ear again; I got the males ears so bloody good that I feel the female’s ear just doesn’t cut the musted. I know people say you learn by doing so that’s what I must do by learning by the mistakes I have done and get it right next time. At least with Acrylic paint I can paint over it again and no one will be any wiser apart from me unlike watercolour paints.

If I did the project again I would like to do it in a larger format I found it hard doing it on a smaller size but that was my decision which was based on the cheapest most local frame I could get my hands on. I would also like to try to do the image again but with oils, I don’t mind Acrylic paint but I did come across a few problems. The main one was the paint dried out too quickly, I tried adding retarder and I also bought a stay-wet palette. Now there’s good things and ban things about this palette which I don’t want to go on about it’s not a review of the product. The stay-wet palette did work in a fashion but the paper on top kept drying out and the paper curled all the time it was a nightmare. At the end of the day I enjoyed the whole Life Drawing Project and I’m glad I took the project I did. I do think I have improved a real lot within the last few weeks I was looking back at the first few weeks of Life Drawing Classes and what a difference there is.

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