Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sorry for Lack of Posts…

I seem to be really busy recently and haven't got enough time to get everything done, however I can spend up to 2 hours a night sometimes watching the soaps on TV. I've got two art courses going but I'm finding it difficult keeping up with both of them, might have to drop one I'll see how it goes. One course is just a basic foundation course which I've been doing for around 6 weeks and still haven't moved from using a pencil or charcoal but I love my paintbrush. On the other course we are now doing a portrait project which up to now I've only just done the research (need to get something done this weekend). Recently I've been to a couple of exhibitions with college which I enjoyed but on both occasions photography wasn't  allowed. The first one was at Tate Liverpool Marc Chagall's Modern Master which is the one I preferred and could relate my work to more then Kyffin Williams VENEZIA Drawn to the Light at Oriel Ynys Môn. After saying that there was a couple of works by Claude Monet, Walter Sicket and one by Frank Brangwyn that I loved. A few of the images including the ones I've just mentioned can be seen here

Below I've uploaded some drawings, none of them are brilliant but it shows what I've been doing at college for the last few weeks (Measuring and Perspective). The rest of my work I've not uploaded as its just basic work and not worth the effect of uploading next on the agenda is value, whoopee…  


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