Thursday, 4 July 2013

Ashton Market Finished.

I finally finished the painting of Ashton Market, the painting was done for an art competition so I had to rush it a bit and it isn't as polished as I would like but it will do. This is the first time I've entered a competition, pretty sure I wont get anywhere but I had fun doing it and I painted in a much looser style than I normally would. The painting only took a week and half to complete from start to finish which I usually take a lot longer to do a painting (might have something to do with a the hand in date). I really enjoyed doing this painting, well most of the time this is the first time I have painting on a canvas I normally use canvas board/panel but I wanted something larger than A1. The canvas is 40 x 32 inches and I had a few problems as my room is only small but I managed it in the end  If anyone is in the area (Manchester-ish / Tameside) they can see the painting in the Ashton Market Hall in the seating area from next week. Please leave some feedback/comments as most of the time I think I'm writing this blog just for myself :) For a larger image you can go here.  


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