Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Project 9: Stockport in the Snow (Townscape)

This is a new painting is wasn't done for college just for my own pleasure, as it was snowing at the time and it ended up a snow scene. It is a fantasy painting of Stockport compromising of different strong elements of Stockport it is set in mid 60s at 6:05am. The clock time is when my mum past away and has appeared in a few of my paintings always the same time.


Other Artist I looked at before staring the project, these are just a few of the artists other artists I've already researched in previous projects (Alan Knight, Alan Lowes, Adolphe Valette, Liam Spencer, Steven Scholes etc).

James Downie
John Ormsby
Mal Burton
Harry Kingsley
William Ralph Turner (This is a PDF)


Final Piece:

I had a look at Northern artists some that I've mentioned above that have painting townscape of Stockport and Manchester areas. I also researched into postcards, videos, photographs of the area and looked into shops, adverts, vehicles, street scenes from the 60s and researched half a dozen books about Stockport. Once researched I got some ideas rolling:

Next Step : Coming Up with a idea:

Fished Final Piece:

After about 3 weeks work of I managed to complete the painting to a reasonable standard. I would have liked to put snowflakes all over the image but I didn't have the bottle to do this, maybe I will do a smaller copy and try it with that one. Hope you like the painting any comments good or bad are most welcome, some comments already.

A larger version of the painting can be viewed here

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  1. As someone who works in the northern art genre I would say you've done really well distilling all the various ideas into your painting. Don't stop here, do some more, perhaps with other weather conditions- rain- blustery wind- add some people and make little street scenes. Northern art is all about life on the streets with an industrial theme- the dirty old towns of yesteryear. Its good to look at the old photos or if you are an old fogey like me, you can still remember what it was like up North in the 50's and 60's. I'd say its a v good composition- now get cracking on some more! Phil