Monday, 18 November 2013

Cheap Canvas Printed Wall Art at Wilkinsons

Wilkinson's at the moment have a sale on their canvas printed Wall Art, the sale price are only available at their stores and not online. Don't get them for hanging up on you're wall, save yourself some pennies and gesso them and use them for you're own paintings. You will require around 3 coats of Gesso but please use a decent brand whatever you do don't buy Gesso from The Works, I personal use either Winsor & Newton Galeria or Pebeo. You can either give then a quick sand in between the coats or just on the last coat, you might even decide not to sand them it depends if you want the brush strokes showing and on the texture you want to paint on. I use a foam brush to apply the Gesso I apply very thin layers, always do this outside or in an open area that is well ventilated.

There are different sizes on sale the ones I bought were nearly 24" x 35.25" which cost £3, some square canvases at 19"x19" which where £1 be careful as some are £2 at this size and some smaller ones at 12"x17.75" which where £1 each. The larger and smaller canvases also had a middle support bar, the canvas is attached at the back with staples and not glued on the sides, some of the other frames on sale had the canvas just glued on to the sides. I have only put one coat of Gesso on at the moment and will be putting the other 2 coats on tomorrow however I can tell they will be find. I have done research on painting over printed canvases and as long as you apply Gesso everything seems good. Just thought I'll put this on my blog just in case you would like to take advantage as a blank canvas would cost a lot more especially with a middle support bar. Any comments on putting Gesso onto printed Canvas please share…

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