Sunday, 26 February 2012

Project 6: Watercolour Resist Techniques

Resist Technique Sample Five

Paper: Economy Board Weight Unknown
Paint: Crawford & Black

I have unfortunately run out of hot pressed watercolour paper so instead of using watercolour paper I have used Economy Board which is similar to cartridge paper just a little bit thicker. As I was quite sure that this paper wouldn’t allow me to do a wet on wet due to it might cockle I had to use wet on dry for the salt technique on the background. I have used the White China pencil and an white Oil Pastel to do the drawing. The drawing was a quick study and I found it hard to see where I was putting it on the paper. I might do it again but on watercolour cold press paper as I prefer the wet on wet sample I did with the Rock Salt. I have also used a lifting out technique to get a paler colour on the figure, I shall look more into this technique next.

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