Sunday, 26 February 2012

Project 6: Watercolour Resist Techniques

Watercolour Resist Techniques

I have previously tried the water resist technique with Oil Pastels when I was sampling with Oil Pastels. That time I used just the Oil Pastels with watercolour and Ink however this time I will be looking at more materials that can be used to resist the watercolour. I will be experimenting with Bees Wax, Oil Pastels, Candle Wax, crayons and also a China Pencils. All these have wax in the material and therefore should repel the watercolour as wax and water don’t mix. You can use this technique for creating textures in rocks, on water to create the sparkle or even in full paintings as in Henry Moore’s London Underground paintings where he got the idea from a child’s set of wax crayons. PLEASE CLICK THE IMAGE TWICE FOR THE LARGEST SIZE.

Resist Technique Sample One

Paper: Gerstaecker No 3 @ 200gsm
Paint: Crawford & Black Watercolour

All these samples can be used for different textures it really depends what you are looking for. I have tried different colours but I do prefer using just the white however I find it hard to see what you are drawing if you don’t have the light shining straight onto the paper. It might help it your paper isn’t totally pure white which different brands of paper seem to be different shades of white.

01. Block of Natural Beeswax
02. Berol Oil Pastels 

03. House Candle
04. Crayola Crayons 

05. China Markers (Chinagraph)

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