Saturday, 25 February 2012

Project 6: Acrylics Final Design

It was now time to have a look at the sky, I laid some colours down but I wasn’t happy with them, I didn’t even try to blend to colours together they were just wrong. So I decided to start over again and I covered the sky with Gesso to get rid of the mess. Finally I decided that the colours in the sky were too vivid and I wanted to fade them away and not have them so over powering. When I was sampling I used Gesso to mix in with the acrylics and they made the colours a lot paler. I thought I would try the same thing for the sky so I added Gesso to the colours that I used previously in the sky. You can see that it turned out a lot paler and because I added the Gesso to all the colours in the sky it harmonised it all together. I think the sky looks more effective this way and it’s working a lot better then it was but whether I will leave it that way only time can tell. Please Double Click the Images for a larger image.

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