Saturday, 4 February 2012

Project 6: Acrylics

I begun by sampling different colours and the transparency then moved on to creating tints and shades followed by creating tints by adding Gesso, Titanium White Vs Zinc Mixing White. I moved on to mark making nd started off by trying palette knives which I had never used before, I also added Structure Gel and Heavy Body paint to the Arcylics. I believe the only way to learn how to use these knives is to actually just do it even if I really mess up with the first few and I will learn by the mistakes I make. I’ve done a really quick sketch below of a picture I took near Conwy Castle this was taken for the last project I did. I will need to transfer the drawing to a small canvas rather than doing it on Acrylic paper due to the amount of thick paint I shall be using. I’m not expecting it to work out but it’s only a 70p Canvas Panel so it doesn’t matter; I’m sure I will learn a lot just by trying it at least I can see if I like the method or not.

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