Friday, 3 February 2012

Project 6: Oil Pastels

Introduction: Whilst doing research for artists that used Oil Pastels I quickly came to the conclusion that artists mainly used Oil Pastels for making quick sketches or they combine them with other materials. There aren’t a lot of artists that use Oil Pastels as their main media; at first it was difficult to find anyone. I searched through three years of The Artists magazine and not once did I come across an image that was made with Oil Pastels. One link led to another and eventual I managed to produce a folder. Even books on Oil Pastels were also very hard to find, I managed to find one book that was just about Oil Pastels but it wasn’t very informative. I do have five books that are about pastels and everyone only has a couple of paragraphs that mentions Oil Pastels, the rest of the book supports Soft Pastels. I did manage to find one or two helpful websites and blogs that supported the use of Oil Pastels, the best of the bunch was where they had a forum dedicated to Oil Pastels.

Research: For the research I looked a few artists that inspired me. The problem with Oil Pastels it seems to be artist use them for doing quick sketches and not for their main medium.

Artists Researched:

Rita Naras-Kreitz
David Berridge
Mary Solberg
Ed Brothers
Patricia Isaac
Eric D. Greene
Luda Angel
Bill Buckman

Please Visit the Artists websites for more information.

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