Saturday, 25 February 2012

Project 6: Acrylics

I have already handed the project file in to be marked and unfortunately I have just realised that I haven't scanned any of the images in. So for now this is just a holding page and the Finished Project Image will be added ASAP which I would say in about 3 weeks from now if I’m lucky.

Watercolour Technique: Figure Drawing
Using Acrylics like watercolour is simply adding a lot of water to the paint as you would with watercolour; the difference is the painting is waterproof unlike watercolour. I had a few sketches hanging around of figure drawings that I have done previously. Both of them are quick sketches and I was thinking about using one of them to test out the watercolour technique with acrylic paints that I have been sampling in the last few pages instead of creating a new drawing.

Watercolour Technique: Figure Drawing Finished Painting (will be added later)
Painted with Acrylic Paints, water was added to make them act more like watercolours. The paint was applied with Synthetic and Foam Brushes onto thickish Cartridge Paper.

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