Saturday, 25 February 2012

Project 6: Acrylics

I really liked the work by The Fauves and especially Adrian Derain's work, I wanted to have a look how he produced his brushstrokes. I took a look at his painting Westminster which he did in 1906 in Oils, which can be seen below, in my version I have cropped the image and tried to get a feeling to his brushstrokes rather than trying to copy every stroke in the correct place. Please Double Click Images for the Largest Image.

Orignal Image:

My cropped version:

This one I had a lot of enjoyment reproducing and I’m very happy with the outcome, well most of it. I wasn’t trying to copy every brushstroke just the general look, feel and direction of the stroke. The interesting part to me is how much of the canvas hasn’t been covered with paint and you can see the bare canvas.

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