Sunday, 26 February 2012

Finally Im in Sync with the Blog and the Projects.

I have just taken two days off college work to update the Blog to allow me to catch up with everything and now I'm finally finished. I will be starting a new project in the next two days getting some research done. I have two more projects left to do and that will be the end of the course which is C&G L3 Creative Techniques in 2D mixed media. This is the last year and there isn't a level 4 so I not sure what I’m doing next year either I will take a year off and learn by doing for a year rather than all this sampling I can get on with drawing and painting. Or the other option is to do a two year foundation degree in Art and Design but this means high course fees plus the course isn't just related to Fine Arts.

I have chosen two of the briefs I wish to do and I’m just waiting for an email to decide which one I will do first, the projects are:

Life Drawing - Figure, Colour
Drawing and Painting - Townscape with Buildings and Figures

The Project briefs can be seen above as pdf files, just click on the links or if you wish to view all the projects briefs that are available you can see them as a PDF

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