Saturday, 25 February 2012

Project 6: Watercolour Wet on Wet

A lot of the samples not shown online were to do with laying down different types of washes and comparing different paints and supports.

Wet on Wet Sample Fifteen....

Paper: Crawford & Black @ 220gsm
Paint: Winsor & Newton Cotman (Pans)

On this sample I have used a Variegated Wash for the sky in the background using three colours. A Variegated Wash means a wash which uses two or more colours. The colours again haven’t turned out vivid, I either require Artists colours which I have already got on order or put less water into the mix and make it stronger. I could even try a dry wash as the colours will be stronger but from what I’ve read it’s harder to get a flat wash without any streaks, I supposed I will have to also look at this method. The flat wash that I have done has improved and come a long way since the first sample and I feel more confident in doing a wet on wet wash which I was unable to do to a decent finish before starting this project. I can’t wait for the Artist colours to arrive to compare them against the Cotman’s pans that I have just used.

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