Friday, 3 February 2012

Project 6: Oil Pastels

After the initial drawings to test out Oil Pastels I looked into Pastel Resist, colour mixing, creating shades and tints, adding different medium i.e Zest-It, blending with different materials including ear cleaners, kitchen roll, fingers and Tortillons. Next I Look at scratching the oil pastels (Sgraffito) to either reveal the paper below or another colour. I tried different tools everything from a screwdriver to a nit comb these can be seen below:


I decided I would like to try and make an image from this technique the image I just quickly draw on a bit of paper. The tools I used were a Flat headed screwdriver, a biro pen and an embossing tool.

Below is the finished image it has taken me an hour and half to complete this project. Next time I will spend some time working out what needs to be white and what needs to stay black, with this one I just jumped into it scrapping off the oil pastel. The finished image looks like a woodcut or Linocut but the technique to produce it is more like a Scraper Foil technique. I did go wrong in quite a few places but as it’s my first go I don’t think I did too badly. I have never used Scaper Foil but have designed a couple of Linocuts before. The technique might be worth looking it a bit more, but if I wanted to produce this look I would rather make a linocut but this would take longer to make. Maybe I would use a Gouache or glue with Indian ink technique as that will produce a very similar look to what I have made. I’m glad I have made this and I’m sure I will use this technique somewhere again, at least it’s another technique I know about and I can log it into memory until I find a use for it.

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