Sunday, 26 February 2012

Project 6: Watercolour Final Design

Watercolour Final Design

I have decided to have another look at the last figure drawing I did with the wax resist and salt. I have decided to carry on experimenting with that piece instead of starting a fresh idea as I liked the way it was going. Initially I was going to do a Pen and Ink but I like all the new techniques I'm learning. The image I'm using is from one of the Virtual Pose Dvds, it isn't a perfect piece of software but it’s better than having no model at all. The last time I didn’t take much time over the drawing due to I was more interested in the painting techniques that I was itching to try. I will take more care of the drawing this time and keep it safe so I can reuse the drawing again in case it all goes wrong. I'm still not sure how I will do this as I will be using the resist materials and as there white you can’t really see it. The last time I did this I found it hard to see where I was drawing on the watercolour paper. I have sampled and experimented with quite a lot of methods for textures which will come in handy for the background, however I'm not sure which one I will be using as there are quite a few of these techniques that I really like. PLEASE CLICK THE IMAGE TWICE FOR THE LARGEST VIEW SIZE.

Final Design Sample 01:

Paper: Daler Rowney Aquafine @ 300gsm 
Paint: Crawford and Black

Final Design Sample 02:

Paper: Gerstaecker No 3 @ 200gsm
Paint: Crawford and Black

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