Saturday, 4 February 2012

Project 6: Acrylics

For the second meduim I have choosen to sample and experiment with Arcylic paints, again the first thing I did was to do the research on artist that I like who used the medium. Acrylic Paints is the medium that I prefer to use, I find it easier to undo mistakes or to change colours half way through a painting, I’m always changing my ideas so this is the medium for me. This is basically a follow on from the previous module “Research for Design” where I looked into the Explosion of Colour using examples from The Fauves and German Expressionists. For me it isn’t the subject matter that comes first it’s about the use of vivid colours and getting the colours working with each other. The research I have done has a wide range of subject matter anything from portraits and figure drawings to Landscapes and Seascapes but they all have wonderful explosive colours which ties the folder together. All of the artists researched are contemporary artists showing the current trends using Acrylic paints in the style that inspires me. Websites, books and magazines have all been used to compile this research folder; I found the research easier to gather then with the research on Oil Pastels.

The artists that I researched were:
Helenka Wierzbicki (
Gerry Baptist (
Brian Simons (

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