Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Project 7: Townscape with Buildings and Figures

The new project started a couple of weeks ago but I haven't really got very far with it, I’ve managed to get most of the research out of the way. However I need to go to Manchester and Stockport on Wednesday to produce some preliminary studies and shoot plenty of photographs. Last year I did a similar brief to do with a building study which I also did in Stockport, I can always use some of the photographs from that brief as well as the new ones. The full brief for this project can be viewed here in pdf format. Whilst researching I came across some wonderful artists, some I have looked at before but others are new to me which I'm very glad I stumbled upon them, below are the contemporary artists I’ve researched which all have done paintings around the Manchester area.

William Ralph Turner
Alan Knight
Liam Spencer
Adolphe Valette


Other artist which are also well worth looking at are:

Angela Wakefield
Steven Scholes
Martin Whittham
Jackie Wagg
Stacey Martin

I really enjoyed looking at William Ralph Turner's work as this artist is new to me, he has only recently become better known within the last few years. Turner knew Lowry and did a couple of portraits of him; he recently stopped painting a couple of years ago due to his 92 year old body letting his hands down. I enjoyed Turners work so much I did a quick painting from one of his; however I did leave out cyclist though.

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