Monday, 16 July 2012

Project 8: Still Life with Background: Final Design

The Finished Piece (well very nearly)

This is image is the stage I was at when I handed the project into be marked. I would say final it’s about 93% finished but I’ve run out of time all I would need is an extra couple of days but the college will finish tomorrow and this needs to be in to be marked. Below is the Evaluation:


The Still Life Project isn’t completely finished I would say it is 95% finished at the moment and it requires another weekend to get to a standard that I’m happy with.

I choose to do a still Life as I thought it would be the easiest brief to do as I’m a few weeks behind due to the death of my mother. Out of the preliminary designs I would have said that the final piece I choose to develop wasn’t the best one that that fitted the brief. However it was the one I wanted to do it so I followed my feelings and choose the image that appealed to me.

I believe I have followed the brief to the best of my apart from the background but this is a bath and nothing would have really fitted in there. I could argue that the Toy Ducks were the still life and all the surrounding items, bath mat, bath, plug and chain and the plug hole were actually the background.

I did try a couple of things one was a towel hung over the side of the bath and the other was the end of a shower curtain Rail but I felt that both of them didn’t do the image and justice. The worst thing about the project was nearly damaging the project right at the end after doing all that hard work on it, if this would have happened I wouldn’t have been able to hand in a finished piece as I wouldn’t have had the time to produce another piece.
The finished picture that I have taken a photograph off I hasn’t been done to the best of my ability. I forgot to take the photograph of the picture and frame without the glass to stop any reflections, I also couldn’t take it in Daylight as its dark outside and it has to be marked in the morning. As soon as the painting is finished and I I’m happy with it I will retake the photograph and put it in the display folder.

If I had the chance to do the Image again I would like to do the piece in Oil Paints but due to the time I had I wouldn’t have been able to make the painting in Oil Paints and have it dry in time for the hand in date. I also need time to experiment with producing the water and bubble bath at the bottom of the bath. In the preliminary painting I have included these items and I find them very interesting, without them in doesn’t feel the same and I do think I need to add these elements to the painting. I feel if I had another weekend on the project I could iron all the bits out I’ve not got around to finish yet and I could make this a good portfolio piece. I have learnt a lot with this project with experimenting with a subject I wouldn’t consider to do. I have produced a decent or on the way to be decent painting, hopefully I will get a chance to complete the picture this weekend. 

Overall I’m very happy I have chosen this brief to do as my project, I’m sure I will be delighted with the outcome when I get around to actually completing the picture. I believe I have fulfilled every part of the brief to my best ability so far.  I’m sure if I had the option to choose from a selection of briefs that I would possibly not choose a Still Life project again.



  1. I really like your still life! I am glad that you didn't add lots of background detail, because it would have really taken away from the wonderful bright colors and movement of the piece. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. very good blog very interesting the progress of work. thanks for sharing.