Saturday, 14 July 2012

Project 7: Townscape with Buildings and Figures

Final Piece: Oil Study 1

I’m over whelmed with the amount of photographs I took for research, I have just looked through all the photographs again and I’m finding it hard just to pick one that fills the criteria. All it asks for is Townscape with buildings and figures and to be honest every photograph taken in Manchester has buildings and people in it, it’s hard to take one that hasn’t got these elements in them. Due to time restrictions I’ve had a quick look and I have chosen the image below. What I like about the image is the one point perspective and all the dynamic lines going to the visual point. The image also shows a Metrolink tram which can be seen all over the city centre, also the large old building which is now Debenhams has been there for a long time. The building is a Grade II listed building and was built in 1932, before Debenhams it was Rylands & Sons and can be seen in Lowry’s Piccadilly Gardens from 1954.


I drew the image with a pencil onto a 16"x12" canvas board, it wasn't perfect but I’ll do the alterations with the paint and it was only a study in Oils. I've only ever used Oils once before but it was a monochrome painting and I ended up buying a small box of Pebeo Studio XL Oils for around £20. The first thing I noticed is that the pencil marks I made were mixing in with the yellow and it was turning it into a real dirty colour. As one of the elements requirements were figures I started to add some into the painting taken from the photographs that I took for the research. I didn't want to go too far with the study as I still wasn't happy with the pencil marks mixing in with the paint, you learn by your mistakes so I know not to do it the same way again.

Finished for now Oil Study 01

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