Saturday, 14 July 2012

Project 7: Townscape with Buildings and Figures

Final Piece - Study in Oil Paints 2

As I don’t have much of a clue with Oil Paints I’m learning by my mistakes as I go along. The mistake I did on the last Oil Study was that the pencil I used to do the drawing with it mixed in with the oil paints and made the colour look very dirty. This time I wanted to see what happens if I use fixative on top of the pencil before adding the oil paints. I did some research on this subject and all reports are saying its fine to do so, however I don’t know how these will look in 100 years’ time whether it will affect the oil paints nobody really knows. I wasn’t going to freehand the drawing again so I put a grid on in Photoshop and just copied the photograph on to a small 5”x7” canvas board. I decided to do it on a small board as it might stop me from fiddle as much as the tip of the brush will be too big.


The drawing was quickly transferred to a small 5x7" canvas board by using a grid system.  
The first signs were good using the fixative seems to have done the trick. The colours seem very vivid without any of the graphite pencil mixed in, I also used quite a bit of medium to thin the first layer you can still see some of the pencil marks.
Some of the characters were taken from the original photograph and the others were added randomly from the imagination
The study is done and I’m quite happy with it and now I’m ready to move do a final piece on a larger scale.

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