Sunday, 15 July 2012

Project 7: Townscape with Buildings and Figures

I have made many alterations along the way so I have decided to show you the original photograph I took so you can compare it yourselves to where I’m now up to with the painting. The thing I regret is that it has taken so long to do and that I should have done the drawing on paper first.

Spot the difference from the orignal photograph to the dawing on canvas.

I will be able to get 20 A1 tracings from each roll. I have made a few small changes along the way on the transfer paper and now I’m completely happy with the drawing and I’m more relaxed that I have another copy to refer back to. I will have to make the same changes on the canvas board now to match up with the drawing on the transfer paper as I want them the same.

Transferring the image from Canvas to Tracing Paper

Once I had done drawing on the canvas I wanted to have a copy myself for a couple of reasons. If I went wrong and needed the image again I would have a copy also I might need to refer to the copy once I had painted the canvas and lost a few of the lines; I bought a couple of rolls of transfer paper which were on sale at 98% of the original price, each roll cost less than £2 and the rolls were 110cm x 20m at 90/95 g/m2 which is wider then A1 so

The whole drawing has now been copy from the canvas board to tracing paper which has now been rolled up and safely stored away

One of the major changes I made which was really irritating me was how the overhead cables went around the corner and how these cables were held up. After referring back to primary and secondary research I managed to work it all out so it looked the way it should do and nothing looked out of place.

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