Saturday, 14 July 2012

Project 7: Townscape with Buildings and Figures

I have printed out some of the characters that I managed to take with my camera, these people stand out and might be included in the final image. In Lowry’s painting The Cripples from 1949 there are a number of identifiable Manchester characters in the painting including one known as “Johnny on the Boards”. Some of the figures are homeless, workers, shoppers, street entertainers, beggers looking through all the images there were more elderly people then I expected. As the images were taken during in the week and not weekend they won’t be as many teenagers and children of school age, this isn’t a factor I took into consideration when I was choosing the best days to go down. Some of the charactors are below:

People of Manchester

Happy Homeless Guy
There was this one character in Manchester which stood out for me which can be seen below:

There was this street entertainer playing some sort of instrument and from out of nowhere this guy started dancing and waving his hands in the air. It just reminded me of the Manchester Happy Monday’s era; the guy looked stoned and was really happy. He was properly one of the nicest could have come across, I would like to refer to him as the happy hobo. In the quick watercolour painting below I didn’t get the characteristics of the man so I did a portrait of him with pencils which shows more of the features I wanted to show in the first place. I’ve never done a portrait before it needs a lot of more work and a few things are wrong but as this project isn’t about portraits I will finish the drawing off another day when I have some spare time on my hands.

 A quick small Watercolour Sketch which didn't show how happy he really was.
I did a pencil portrait of the guy which turned out a lot better, as this was my first portrait it didn’t go to bad but I can see a lot of mistakes which need refining which I will do another day. Please double click the image for a larger picture.

Below are some more characters from Manchester City Centre, these were done in Acrylic on Acrylic paper The first seems to be a homeless guy, you don’t see as many homeless people in Manchester as you use to do during the day. I’ve included backgrounds which you would see in Manchester, a standard black cab and a back of a bus. All the homeless drunks use to all congregate in Piccadilly Gardens before they decided to redesign that area. The second image is a sight you see in the centre of Manchester nearly on every corner which is people giving out free copies of the Manchester Evening News which is a daily local paper. For the background I’ve included a rough painting of a tram which was also in the original photograph. I’m going to have a look at a couple of more characters and then get back to looking at Manchester buildings. 



The below image sticks out for me because he was playing pans and buckets as his instruments, I can’t remember what the music sounded like but he seems happy enough. This image was produced in around 20 minutes; the mediums I have used are Conte Crayons and Pastel Pencils just for a change. Dont forget for a larger picture of the drawing please click the image again once it has loaded (IE)

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