Saturday, 14 July 2012

Project 7: Townscape with Buildings and Figures

As I was down Manchester I decided to take a camera with me and took loads of photographs around Manchester City Centre and around Stockpot I also bought a small A5 watercolour hardback pad which I bought from and art shop near Stockport College which is where I did a Graphic Design course a few years back. I don’t like sketching outdoors so I got the smallest book I could get; I sketched on location and later on added some watercolour. I’m only just getting use to using watercolour as I prefer acrylics but it’s a lot of mucking around taking all my acrylics with me on location it’s a lot easier with watercolours. For most of the of the  sketches I have also taken a photograph for reference from a similar position which I have also shown. I didn’t really do a lot of sketching as I wanted to get as many photographs as I could so I could work from them when I got back home. I have decided I will go to Stockport and the galleries today and I will head into Manchester and take some photographs tomorrow before coming home. I’m not sure what type of photographs I need so I’m just going to take loads.


Princess Street, Stockport

Blackshaw’s Cafe, Stockport.

Stockport Air Raid Shelter Tours.

Stockport near Bus Station

Exchange Square, Manchester.

Entrance to the Food Court, Manchester.

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