Sunday, 23 February 2014

Textiles: Stuart Little Abstract

Textiles is not for me I really don’t want anything to do with it however I decided that I had to do something just to get it out of the way. I decided it would be easy just to make a college out of textiles; I took my latest painting which was an abstract version of Stewart Little in a Wellington which can be seen in the painting section. I started off by transferring the image to another canvas board; I have loads of them they only cost 90p each so I don’t mind wasting a few. I then took some appropriate material from college and cut up a load of clothes that no longer fitted the children, these were bagged up and ready to be given to charity but my art came first this time.


I applied some strong PVA glue and glued material to pieces of card once it was dry I cut out the required shapes. I found this way easier than just cutting the material as it left the edges jagged and frayed by not gluing it to card first. It was then a simple process of laying material on top of each other to produce the 3D effect I was after. These are a few macro photographs o show the material I used. On the next page there’s a photograph of the completed textile piece. Now this is out of the way I hope never to return I’ll stick with a pencil and paintbrush.

Finished textile piece of Stewart Little Abstract, the original is on canvas board and measures 50x40cm.

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