Sunday, 23 February 2014

Painting: Stuart Little Still Life

I was told to bring something colourful in, the rosette I won in an art competition stood out for me. However it didn’t occur to me I had to draw it, mission abandon might be easier with paint.


This is the original drawing done on cartridge paper, I decided to stop here sleep on it and continue in the morning as I was having problems with the rosette.

I wasn’t happy with the plush starring straight at me as it was on the original drawing so I repositioned the head and redrew it on the original body.  

 Here you can see a photograph of the still life it has been took on a slightly different angle then the drawing.

I quickly painted the image to kill the white with thin acrylics as I wanted the drawing still to show through.  

 The next stage is a lot further down the line, I really found it hard to do the rosette I wanted more of an impression look. The table was  painted different shades of brown and mahogany quickly painted in the same direction.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any painting must be at least 6 weeks or so and I’m a bit out of practice, I also prefer working in oil paints as I find that acrylic paints dry to quick even with medium added to the paint. There’s a lot of things I’m still not happy with will have to work on it a lot more, a long way to go yet. 

 This is as far as I’m going with it due to time restrictions I would like to take another look at the table maybe do it lighter in places to suggest the sunlight in places. 

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