Sunday, 23 February 2014

Ceramics: Slab Pots

Six square clay pieces were cut, the harp sliced the clay into equal thickness then the tile cutter cut out the square shape. You do not have to stick with a square shape it’s just as easy to do a rectangle box instead. We just had to prove that we could do a box slab first and that it held together and after that we were free to do any shape if we desired to do so.


Everywhere that needed to be joined together were scored with cross hatches and paper slip was added to both parts that needed joining. Both joined pieces were squeezed together which caused the slip to ooze, the sides of the boxes required a 45 degree mitre which held the join better than if the two joins were placed flat side by side. The join was then worked on with the fingers or a tool until the join couldn’t be seen.

All of the joins required scoring in a cross hatch style before paper slip was added to produce a stronger bond.

Legs were attached to the base of the pot also two extra pieces were attached to the lid so the lid didn’t just slide off.

The side not seen is a blank side with no markings yet whether I continue to work on the slab pot remains to be seen.

The lid and design is supposed to be about trees and vein branches, it isn’t finished I need to build inside the pot still.

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