Sunday, 23 February 2014

3D Art: Head Head Sculpture.

Head Sculpture inspired by Phillip Treacy made from Cardboard, Matt Board a Garden Stick and glue. The head sculpture is 1.6 metres at its largest point; the design explores convex and concave forms. Unfortunately the sculpture didn’t last that long as the kitten thought it was a new cat scratcher and started to climb up the artwork. I was going to cover the sculpture up in Mod Roc to strengthen it or even PVA glue but I didn’t get a chance too. It took me hours trying to glue this thing together; all the long strips have been slotted through the circle parts. I was going to do it all in thicker cardboard but I ran out of the stuff and have to regrettably use mount board instead which is nowhere near as strong. I also burnt my fingers on half a dozen occasions with the glue gun which really put me in a uncreative mood.

At the end of the day I completed the brief but it hasn’t been the most successful piece in the 3D art briefs, I think to produce something this tall you require a helper but I designed this at night with no one around to help me. I didn’t even get a chance to take it into college due to the kitten destroying it, even if I did get the chance I wouldn’t have liked to take it to college on the bus. I think I will mark this on up as a failure and the lesson of the day is don’t build artwork that looks like a cat scratcher and leave it with the cat. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t really into the brief I’m not one to do any fashion design, there was an alternative brief but I thought the hat brief would have been the easier of the two.


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