Sunday, 23 February 2014

3D Art: 3D Head made from Cardboard, the sculpture is self supporting no glue or tape used.

We were given a brief and left to it, we had no tutor for the lesson and none of the students were too sure what to do. The students asked the head of Art & Design if self-supporting meant no materials used to hold the cardboard in place and he thought it did. The preliminary idea which can be seen in drawing form a few pages previously was what I designed at college. However I decided to bin that attempt and try something different at home as it wasn’t up to scratch, however I forgot to take photographs of it before destroying it. I wanted it to look more like a human head rather than a mask of sort, I took a photo of myself in profile and decided just to use that shape.

 When it came to slotting things together I wasn’t quite sure on how to do this, I did a bit a research on You Tube which gave me a bit of a clue. The plans were to spray the sculpture with paint but I haven’t actually got around to doing this yet as the weather has been really bad for the last few days. Overall I’m not too keen on building stuff out of cardboard, I didn’t mind the sandcasting but this is not really my cup of tea. Hopefully I can just get this out of the way and finally get back to Painting and Drawing for a change.   

At the end I didn't enjoy the project and just did it to get it out of the way, hopefully they won't be many projects using cardboard...   



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