Sunday, 23 February 2014

3D Art: Easter Island type of mask created using Sand & Potters Plaster.

For the first brief on 3D Art we were introduced to Sandcasting with potters plaster. I haven’t used this material before and the only time I did any 3D art was in primary school with clay. I decided to start off with a very simple piece just to get me introduced to plaster. We were given a short 20 mins or so introduction on how to mix the plaster and a quick health and safety talk about wearing masks and how to use the surf and cutting tools. Once mixed we then poured the mixture into a container, some students used larger rounded shape containers to cast a block to shape into something. 

I choose to start off easy and made a mould from wet sand first, I pressed materials into the sand to make an indent. The items I used to make the mask were all found in the class room, for the nose I used a rock; the mouth was made from an organic object which I can’t remember the name off. An eraser case and chalk were used for the eyes and the eye brows were made from another organic item. The plaster mix was poured into the wet sand; I left it to set for around 15 minus. The plastic tub was removed and sand was brushed away, the above image is what I was left with, not a bad starting point.  



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