Friday, 1 April 2011

Project 3: Full Lenth Figure (W4 @ Home)

I needed to do different approaches for this figure drawing brief and as I haven’t looked at painting yet I decided to give it a go. The below was done in Acrylics I didn't do any under drawing I just went for it with a paintbrush, it was a big mistake...  I made a lot of mistakes on this one which I tried to cover up with white acrylic, I also had another problem don't know if it was the paint I was using but if you have a look at the right leg the paper has been ruined. The paint peeled away like masking fluid which destroyed the paper, after that I gave up on the painting, I don't know why this happened but if anyone else knows why it ids please LMK. I will be using acrylics at the end of the week in the Life Drawing class.

Please Click the images twice for the largest size...

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