Friday, 1 April 2011

Project 3: Drawing & Painting Full Lenth Figure (W6)

I wanted to do watercolours this week in the Figure Drawing Lesson but unfortunately I never got that far, I had to sort something out for my daughter at college so I was in and out of the room a lot. I managed to get the drawing onto the watercolour paper so later this week I will use the watercolours with it. The drawing at the bottom was done in 15 mins as that’s what left at the end of the lesson and I didn’t want to start with the watercolour paints. I’ve used oil pastels for the contour and filled it in with soft pastels, I might try other stuff like this I like the vivid colours. The model had moved slightly in the bottom drawing as the belly button is in a different position.

Please Click the images twice for the largest size...

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