Friday, 18 March 2011

Project 3: Drawing & Painting Full Lenth Figure (W3)

Life Class today was on the Thursday afternoon and not the Friday morning session which I preferred Thursdays, I know at the end of the session my back was killing me due to standing at the easel which I’m not use to. Thursday is a lot quieter than on Fridays Life Drawing session, there were only one other person apart from the four people out of our class and I knew him from a prior art classes. Today I felt a little bit more relaxed but the model only did 1 pose for the 2 hour session, I feel I can loosen up more as there isn't an art teacher in site looking over your shoulder making sure you measure everything. The drawing turned out ok, well better than last week but I’m still not happy about it the legs are on the small side compared to the rest of her. I want to add some colour I’m fed up with the black & white, I think I will start added colour next week and try different media.

Please Click the images twice for the largest size...

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