Saturday, 5 March 2011

Project 2 Sampling - Sgraffto Oil Pastels, Fish.

Using the Sgraffito Technique I created the below piece with acrylic paint, I cut up a credit card and used that to scrape the paint. First of all I knew the image I was going to have; I then added the colour and waited for it to dry then added black Acrylic paint over the image. Whilst the black paint was still wet I scraped back into to paint and removed the paint where I wanted to see the colour below. The problem I had were the paint drying out extremely quickly even after added retarder to the paint mix. Hopefully when I get the chance I will redo the design but on a larger scale, also remove the marks left by the brush on the black parts by using a blending brush.

Please click the image a couple of times for a lager image…

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