Saturday, 5 March 2011

Project 2 Sampling - Sgraffto Water Based Printers Ink, Cityscape.

The below has Acrylic Paint on the bottom layer but I have tried a water based ink for the top layer. A cut up credit card was use for the Sgraffito technique. I found the Ink took quite a while to dry, there's a possibility I've used too much of the ink I should have spread the ink a little more making it a thinner layer. The last time I used the ink I used it sparingly and it dried a hell of a lot quicker than it did this time. I found scraping the ink away was very messy to do and the stuff got everywhere. However as it dried slower I was able to play with it longer than I would if it was done with the Acrylic paint. I like the way it hasn't removed all the ink the lines aren't as sharp as the samples I've done previously. I might try and do another one very similar to this but instead of randomly putting the first layer on I will lay the colour on in vertical lines so the colour of the buildings will be the same in the reflections rather than random colour reflections as in this sample. I think what I've produced has a nice effect it just needs a bit of thinking about, building reflections, colours, composure instead of just getting on with it. I would like to attempt this type of thing in oil but it takes so long to dry it won't be feasible this time.

Please click the image a couple of times for a lager image…

As the sample is still wet I wanted to try and remove some of the ink to make it dry quicker so I could place it in this folder. I burnished the Sgraffito sample onto some cartridge paper, I know this has nothing to do with Sgraffito but I really liked the marks it left behind so I've decided to include it. After doing this process about 15 times or so the excess ink has nearly all been removed. I even tried a Fixative that is made for oil pastels, it works wonders with oil pastels but unfortunately it doesn't really work with the water based ink. Thinking about it may be using a clear varnish might work; I don't have any in so I can't experiment with this idea.

If I'm honest I think I prefer the print version then the original sample; this also gives me a opportunity to view a mono version as well as the original random coloured version.

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