Friday, 18 March 2011

Project 1: Design Units 2D Shape

This project was based around 2D Shape so I decided to recreate the below picture Meadow at Moritzburg by Max Hermann Pechstein as a flat colour image, I was looking on the lines of work by Roy Lichtenstein but without the Benday dots just the flat continuous colour without any shading.

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Orignal painting "Meadow at Moritzburg" by Max Hermann Pechstein,

Below is my first attempt, I have reproduced the painting in Acrylics however I'm not satisfied with the overall appearance. I wanted to get flat colour without any streaks of different shades, with the Acrylics I found it impossible to achieve this result. I'm also unhappy as I had to lay the paint on so thick to try and hide the streaks the acrylic now shines giving the painting a glossy appearance, which is not what I was looking for.

The second attempt which is below was produced with Gouache on Hotpress Watercolour Paper which worked out a lot better than the first attempt. I still had some problems with the paint leaving a streaky effect, some colours went down fine without a problem where others where just as bad as the acrylics. The lighter coloured grass was a darker green at first but I had to paint over this also I had to change the colour of the path from an orange colour.

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