Monday, 6 October 2014

Trying a new Style of Painting, see how it goes.

Recently I've not been very happy with my painting I seem to be going round in circles producing the same sort of work over and over again, in fact I seem to not be improving. I have always wanted to paint in a more loosely style I always seem to start of that way than I start fiddling and added detail to the image. I've been looking a work by Bernard Dunstan and William Sickert to see how they do what I can't produce. 

 I did some research and found an image I wanted to reproduce, well not copy it exactly if I wanted to change something I will, the original image is below and is by Bernard Dunstan.

The original was produced at 11" squared so I nipped into Rhyl to find a close enough canvas. I ended up buying some wall art I mixed Gesso up with some Buff Titanium acrylic paint waited for it to dry than added 2 coats of Gesso, the original wall art.

I have been shown the subtractive method of painting which you mix oil paint will Liquin tone your canvas with the mix and then simply wipe away the highlights and mid tone with a rag or ear cleaners for the smaller more detailed parts. If you add some liquin to a rag it will wipe it down back to the canvas which in my cases was pure white Gesso.



There is no drawing with this method as I usually take ages doing the drawing then transferring it to canvas also after that I usually take a tracing of the drawing. To me I have been told if you're drawing isn't correct than how do you expect the painting to look correct so doing it without a drawing was a bit of a shock. 

A little bit more work on the painting adding a little bit of colour mixed with Liquin I wanted some parts to still be transparent so the underlayer brush strokes still would come through.

I worked of the figure next but I was worried that I might start fiddling too much on the figure.

I decided that the foreground was a bed but I didn't think the original image really showed that so I decided to make a few slight changes along the way.

The above is the finished image for now I feel I've done too much on the figure and need to undo a few things maybe the bed was better just with the under sheet. I'll have to look into these but overall I feel I have done what I set out too do which was to look at a different style and try and loosen up in my painting strokes.

EDIT: I've changed it again slightly, this is the last time the brush goes back in its box and stays there…


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