Thursday, 9 October 2014

Another painting on the go as Im waiting for the other to dry.

As I'm waiting for the last piece to dry a bit before I can glaze it I am doing two paintings at the same time using the same technique "Subtractive Oil Painting" (Wiping out method). Again this is another original image by Bernard Dunstan I'm looking at his brushstrokes and trying to work out the way this layered style of painting is done.. 


The below image is original piece of work by Bernard Dunstan

I didn't have a correct size canvas so I decided to go ahead and use a square canvas again this is another canvas picked up for a quid and given a 2/3 coats of Gesso. The second shows the canvas has been covered in a layer of brown oil paints mixed with liquin, the light and medium areas were wiped away with a rag there was no drawing dine with a pencil or paint brush the image appeared by wiping away the paint. The last picture show a little bit of colour had been added to the canvas, by this stage I realized I hadn't been looking at the original image and I was just making it up as I was going along. Eventually I decided to call it a day and get a canvas the correct shape and start again. I painted over the canvas with gesso and I'll use the canvas again when I'm desperate.



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