Thursday, 9 October 2014

Same picture started again in correct format.

I've now got of my arse and bought some canvas of similar format, the first couple of images shows yet again I'm using an old canvas that has been covered in Gesso. The room I use is only 8ft square so there's not enough room to swing a cat around however one does what one can .. 


For some reason I haven't got any images of the early stages of the drawing I must have deleted them before saving some. Again its been done in the previous way as the last project which was covered in a mix of oil paints and Liquin and the image was then wiped away.

Colour was added over the underlayer painting some transparent and some not, I still wanted some on the brushstrokes to show through in the final image.

More layers of colour were added and dry brush strokes have been added to the top layer. At the moment I'm waiting for the painting to dry I will carry on with it until I'm happy but there's always a danger that I will get carried away and over work the painting.


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