Saturday, 19 July 2014

Been a log Time SInce I posted...

Thought I better post something as its been 4 months since my last confession. Finished college about 6 weeks ago and since then I haven't done much with a pencil or paintbrush. I have been going to Life drawing lessons once a week but the drawings aren't getting any better though, I'll have to practice more dig out Virtual Pose Dvds if I have too.

I have therefore decided to start a Sketchbook just to get me doing something at least one quick sketch a day. Those that know me will know I don't do sketch books so this will be interesting, I will post these once a week or so. Below are some of this weeks sketches, there are mistakes and ideas in the sketchbook this is what its for, everything will get posted good or bad. If I'm lucky one or two might get looked at again and created into larger oil paintings.


Below are the sketches I've done so far, all of these are local to me around the Rhyl area in North Wales

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